How does supply work?

Registering with us for supply opens many avenues for your career path. Once you are registered we then offer you the work and jobs that you have specified you would like to do, whether that is day-to-day work, long-term supply assignments or you just want a permanent job.

Our job as a recruitment business is to find you work. We do this through our excellent existing relationships with schools and nurseries across the north east who come to us every day requesting cover. We then contact you offering you the work available, which you can accept or reject, it is always your choice. We don’t stop offering if you reject a role!

Day-to-day Supply

If you take on a day-to-day supply assignment the process is simple. You get the details of the assignment from your consultant and attend the school or nursery to complete your shift. You take along your DBS and a proof of ID and meet with the relevant person within the school or nursery who then tell you the rest. Following your day you get a time sheet signed and then it’s home time! You could receive phone calls in the morning for work that day or get pre-booked work in advance.

Long-term Assignments

These can follow on from day-to-day supply assignments or can be requested prior to the booking. If this is the case, the school or nursery usually ask for CV’s of interested candidates and either choose someone for the job from these or request to see multiple candidates for interview. The successful candidate then starts the long-term assignment. We will always email you about these roles so keep an eye on your inbox!

Permanent Jobs

If a school or nursery are looking to employ a permanent member of staff, they request CV’s from us and arrange interviews with candidates. Again, we will email you about these jobs and if you express an interest we will do our best to make sure you are interviewed by the school or nursery. Following the client’s safeguarding procedures, the successful candidate is offered the job. Permanent jobs can also arise from long-term assignments where you are taken on direct by the school or nursery following a period on supply!