Proud to support STEM Schools

EYPS are proud to support STEM learning in local North East Primary Schools.

STEM is working to achieve a world-leading education for all young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

‘A person’s love of Science and Maths often originates at Primary school. This is a critical period for encouraging children to explore and begin to understand the world around them. Especially in terms of Science, Maths and Technology. Some Primary Schools do not have the resources available to meet the ever extending curiosity and skills of the children and some requirements of the National Curriculum.’ STEMworks 

At EYPS we believe it is important for youngsters to have access to the STEM opportunities. This is why have been providing assistance to local schools in the form of funding and resources.

Redesdale Primary School in Wallsend were thankful for our financial funding to buy resources for their STEM week. An EYPS teacher will be going to Stephenson Memorial Primary School in North Tyneside to deliver STEM activities to pupils.

We are keen to back other schools with their STEM commitments so if you would like some help please get in touch.