Update Published 18/01/2021

Following the announcement by the government on 5th January 2021 Exact Education have been working closely with our schools to firstly confirm the arrangements of long-term assignments in order to secure ongoing work for those workers. We have asked schools to honour such placements and although many have, unfortunately not all have agreed to do so.

We are still receiving calls from schools for supply bookings for day to day cover and longer-term assignments, much more so than we did during the lockdown last summer, so it is encouraging there is still work available for our supply workers. We are also seeking alternative work for our workers within education and to date there has been a great demand there too.

Exact Education is committed to support our supply staff as much as possible. For those who meet the qualifying criteria for the Job Retention Scheme (furlough) we will be in contact with you to utilise the scheme for you and explain how the flexible furlough will work.