EYPS sponsors Rotary Club Charity Golf Day

We are proud to say that we have sponsored the Rotary Club of Blyth’s Charity Golf Day for the second year running. EYPS’ Alex participated in the competition and thoroughly enjoyed his day, albeit with not much success on the course!

The day is always excellently attended, with support from businesses across the region. Blyth Golf Club is a wonderful host, the course was in fantastic condition and the mince and dumplings afterwards was worth the donation alone!

A message from the Rotary Club of Blyth

“Your participation in this event means a lot to many people not merely those who rely in emergencies on Blyth food bank, various sports clubs in town, several primary schools and churches, the boy scouts, the survivors of domestic abuse, the individuals who have personally excelled at regional and national level in individual sports, the disabled, and even the citizens of Lake Wamala in Uganda for whom we are attempting to provide safe drinking water: all of these and more are our targets for support during 2016-17. Rotary as an international organisation has also, with the help of Bill Gates, virtually eliminated Polio throughout the world and this year may see the world declared free of this devastating illness. You are a contributor to all of these causes and I offer my grateful thanks for your help on their behalf.” Reavley Gair, President 2016-17.