There are some new funding schemes that have been introduced for ‘recovery education’ or ‘catch-up learning’ and it can be difficult to take note of what’s out there and how to research it. We want to help you understand the options you have by outlining the 3 routes you can go down to support the students who need it most.

Tuition Partners:

Schools can access high-quality tutoring from an approved list of tutoring providers known as Tuition Partners. Tuition Partners offer a range of subjects and provide targeted support for pupils in small group or one-to-one sessions. This option offers additional tutoring capacity to schools, especially where this is scarce. It also provides a high level of flexibility to schools and academy trusts without them having to use their own staff and a selection of providers who can tailor their expertise to support needs. 70% of the cost is subsidised in academic year 2021/22. Schools and academy trusts can register their interest in Tuition Partners on the NTP website, as well as search for Tuition Partners in their area.

Academic Mentors:

Academic Mentors are salaried members of staff and will work alongside teachers to provide a range of interventions, focusing on small group and one-to-one sessions. They will provide support tailored to schools, including subject-specific work, revision lessons and additional support. Academic Mentors are graduates or teachers who undergo intensive training before being placed in a school. 95% of the Academic Mentor’s salary is subsidised in academic year 2021/22. Schools and academy trusts can register their interest to apply for an Academic Mentor, or keep their existing one, on the NTP website.

School-Led Tutoring:

Under School-Led Tutoring, all eligible state-funded schools and academy trusts are given a ring-fenced grant to fund locally sourced tutoring provision for disadvantaged pupils. This could include using existing staff such as teachers and teaching assistants or external tutoring resources such as private tutors or returning teachers. The grant gives schools and academy trusts the flexibility to use tutors with whom they are familiar. Funding is allocated for around 60% of pupils eligible for pupil premium per school. 75% of the cost is subsidised in academic year 2021/22. The school-level allocations will be published on GOV.UK. Academy trusts will be funded directly and maintained schools will be funded via the local authority.

Schools can use supply staff to tutor. The government advice recommends that, where schools are using recruitment agencies, they use an agency on the Crown Commercial Service preferred supplier list (which Exact are).

We are here to assist you in providing tutors this academic year and would love to help you through the School-Led Tutoring. If you are interested or would like to discuss these options, please get in touch with us on 0191 212 1111 or email us on info@exacteducation.com.