Day Thirteen 

Last night was a blast, all British and American Teachers sat with their Chinese English Teacher and Teaching Assistant. This was a great opportunity to get to know each other’s cultures, socialise, teach each other dances and drink Rice Wine!

Today was Beach day, a rest day for the teachers. However not much resting was done! We have been to the Dragon Head which is the very start of the Great Wall which protrudes 20 metres into the Yellow Sea. It stands as a stone castle 10 metres high off the sand and was originally built in 1579 by the Ming Dynasty.

Tonight we ventured to the shopping mall and chilled which was very much needed after our early start!

P.s today I have been stopped for 4 pictures!


Day Fourteen


Today’s theme was Weather and The Natural World. The children had been out to the Aquarium yesterday so this topic fit in really well. We created our own Weather Wheels and discussed the animals we would see in the seasons. We also went outside to read temperatures and created our own weather reports! To round the morning off I introduced my class to David Attenborough, an all rounded favourite! 


This afternoon we had a new set of children for Netball. The previous children must have spread the word because our numbers have gone up! A great first session again, we introduced the children to Netball terms and played a game with very little rules to ease them in. 


Tonight has been very chilled, think we’re all exhausted. I have visited a Chinese Spa, I had three treatments that would have cost me quadruple the price in England! It was such a different experience to that back at home, the calming, gentle, refreshing vibe we are used to is not the norm here. I feel like it has done me the world of good though! 

Night night, 

Becky xx