Day Seven

Blue skies in Qinhuangdao today! Day two of teaching went very well, today’s theme was Food and Drink which urged me to make my lesson activity based. My class created their own restaurants – created signs, menus, food, table settings and the bill. They did really well, we’re getting through the language barrier and I’m starting to understand how they have previously been taught English and how to help them develop their conversations. Watching the children gasp the concept of what I am trying to teach is very rewarding!

My Netball class this afternoon proved to be a success, the children had clearly taken on board what we taught them yesterday, only a couple of them still move with the ball😂 The match play was lovely to see, I can see progress on yesterday and that’s all I am aiming for. All in all a really positive day!

Over and out,


Day Eight

I am astounded by many of the qualities I have seen from most of the classes at camp. The children are polite, eager to listen, learn and help in any way possible. Today’s theme was sports and hobbies, please see pictures of my class undergoing a fitness test and recording their scores! I introduced many different sports and we played various word association games to practise speaking. They are keen to learn the correct pronunciation of words and come to me frequently in their breaks to practice and o over what we have done, such a breath of fresh air! When I dismiss the class many stay behind to clean up and assist in anything I need doing which is also lovely. 


This afternoon my netball group made a lot of progress, we introduced attacking and defending. Whilst it took many drills to help them to understand the concept, in the end it made a significant difference to the game at the end of the two hours today!


Another very good day, although the heat is getting to everyone I think! 


Hope all is well at home! 


Becky xx

Day Nine


Today’s theme is House and Home. I am really beginning to understand how my class learn and which students require additional support. I have created separate activities and added extra words and phrases to the work for those children. This morning we created our perfect rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining room) and put them together to create a big labelled house. I then focussed many activities around this. 


This afternoon in my netball group, we introduced a few positions, this really helped us to see how much they had progressed. We also taught the vocabulary for Netball which made things a lot easier! 


Another hot but fab day! 


Tonight we are learning a line dance to do in the talent show in a few days time 😂 


Becky xx