Day Six 

Major butterflies this morning. We set off for the camp at 7:30, the journey was really short, I was hoping for more time to mentally prepare! Upon arrival we had a frantic dash around in the staffroom before running to our classrooms to set up. The classrooms were sweltering, I didn’t know how I was going to cope! I don’t even know how to put what happened next into words… we went to the Auditorium where the children were patiently sat waiting in their welcome assembly. As we walked in, the crowd literally went wild! A thousand children were all turned around in their seats, big grins, waves and very warm welcomes all round. As we stood at the front, a sea of children looked back at us, it’s real, we’re teaching in China!

My class had already given themselves English names, one had named himself Nike, when I pointed to the Nike tick on my trainers he was over the moon I knew it was the brand! My first lesson was a struggle with gaging how developed the children’s English is! It turns out it’s not as developed as I had planned for, we laughed a lot at not understanding each other 😂 My class have outstanding written English, it’s putting it into conversations we’re here to assist with, challenge accepted. I have adapted my lesson for tomorrow.

This afternoon, myself and another teacher coached a netball session. The children had not heard of netball or played it before so we had to start from the basics, this was an experience with the language barrier too! We scrapped the bibs and most of the rules and in the last 15 minutes managed to put together what looked like a game. We’ll get there!

All in most of us have had a hectic, unorganised but amazing first day!

Becky xxx