Day Ten

In this morning’s lessons we built our own City as a class. We learnt the vocabulary for services in Towns and Cities then took it in turns to draw our City. Please see our city in the pictures! We then learnt directions so we could give guided tours around the City to use all of the conveniences. Using these directions we blindfolded several students and others had to give them directions around the city which we had made in the classroom! The children loved this and wanted several turns!

This afternoon we introduced the positions of Netball, with only two afternoons of Netball left with these children we felt they were ready! I am very impressed with how far they have come considering they had not heard of the game on the first day.

Today we got up to 40 degrees!! The fans in my classroom are working on overload and doing a great job!

Tonight we have been to Beidaihe to the night markets and the beach, a very authentic experience where we watched the beginning of the process of making peanut brittle butter and spun sugar artwork. Tried my best at bartering, not sure that’s a thing over here!

Hope all is well at home 😁

Day Eleven 

Today has been the hottest day yet! Thank goodness the fans in my room are working. Today’s theme was Shopping and Services, we created our own shops, a Bakery, Chemist, Cafe and Newsagents. The children then ran the shops themselves and went shopping with their own lists. The children really loved this, this activity really proved my class’s English has definitely improved and they are now far more comfortable with each other! We have also been practising singing English songs for the past couple of days which the children were a bit apprehensive at first but they’re really getting into it now, dance moves and ally

We went to my favourite restaurant tonight, I’ve found a dish which is just like beef stew and potatoes, a little taste of home! Tonight’s entertainment is quiz night! So far so good, we’re joint first after round three, all ready and waiting to win, I’ll let you know tomorrow!

Goodnight 😊


Day Twelve


We came last in the quiz, wooden spoon prize for us! We had fun though and that’s the main thing! This morning was surreal! I’ll start from the beginning.. today was singing day. We entered the auditorium and 1000 faces turned around, their Faces said it all! Excitement! We were like pop-stars, we performed a three hour concert. We we singing and dancing to popular British songs which was being streamed live, the highest count watching was 8,000! Some of the children have never been in an environment like this before so we’re overjoyed and created a mosh pit at the front! It was great to hear them joining in with the songs we had taught them!

It was our last netball session with this group today, we received traditional Chinese presents from some of our children which were greatly appreciated and very sweet 😁 Today made us realise how far we have come in a week, from the first day the children not knowing what netball was to playing full games with every position and marking made me feel very proud. We will start with new students on Friday!

Time for the Teacher dinner with our Teaching Assistants, everyone is getting dolled up for the occasion so I must dash, don’t have long!

Tomorrow is our day off, as usual an early start though! We’re going to where the Great Wall meets the sea, the Dragon Head, looking forward to it!

Catch you up tomorrow,

Becky xx