This summer we have arranged for five of our candidates along with Rebecca who works in the EYPS office to visit China for 3 weeks to undertake a summer camp teaching children in Chinese schools. The trip also involves some sight-seeing and holiday. Rebecca is keeping us updated with a blog of her time there…

Day 1 -2

Day one kind of moulds into Day Two as I’m still in a bit of a daze after a mammoth flight to Beijing! The seven hour layover in Amsterdam has its pro’s and cons but I can honestly say that Schiphol is the best airport to be in for that length of time!

After stepping off the flight the warm air hit me, the sky was bright but there was no sun. This in turn allowed me to see the waves of Chinese passengers making their way through the airport just as I was, but not before they ‘subtly’ stopped to take pictures of us. At first I was confused, but then they started to point to my hair, it’s so unfortunate I could not understand them it was like they had just seen their favourite pop star!

After arriving at the hotel in Beijing we all took a walk to have our first taste of Chinese culture, of course we were all starving. After looking through menus of just pictures I eventually chose, I thought it would be like the Chinese takeaway menu I knew from home, I was completely wrong. The first sample of authentic Chinese food makes the English look like they make theirs up! The Chinese food is full of flavour and is light on your stomach, actually a healthy option. The afternoon was spent familiarising ourselves with the environment before heading out for dinner to meet all of our new camp friends. We chose a small and cosy Restaurant and took over, there was one couple in there, looked like we crashed their date! The restaurant staff were overwhelmed and didn’t speak any English, there were four pictures on the wall and a menu fully in Chinese. Naturally most of us froze and didn’t know what to do, the staff gestures to the pictures which most of us where happy to pick from. The fussy ones among us struggled, luckily the man who was on a date stood up, he had limited English but managed to decipher the needs of the fussy ones and ordering for them!

So, although we were the stars of many a Chinese person’s Instagram today, we were also taken care of very well by most of the locals we have encountered so far! Speaking of locals, we also found some local delicacies floating around in the tanks in the supermarket, please see the pictures! (We were offered them dead or alive boxed up to take home!)